Welcome, Mimosa Odette

mimosa odette

Bébé Seale is finally here!

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to introduce you to our bright-eyed baby girl. Mimosa Odette was born a few minutes shy of noon on October 5th, 2018 – three days before our wedding anniversary, eight days before my birthday, and all before Thanksgiving and Halloween. October will be a month of non-stop celebration in our household!

Can I tell you the meaning behind her name? It’s so special to Andrew and I. We named her after the sunny mimosa flower, which blooms brightly in the south of France. Beauty and resilience, just like her. 🌼 Her middle name was chosen as an ode to my best friend & sister Sami, whom she shares the name with.

Truly, madly, wildly happy.

Life with this little one is glorious! Andrew and I are soaking up these early days of newborn bliss. I hope to jot down her birth story sooner than later, while it’s still crystal clear in my mind. I have s much more to share with you! Until then, I’ll be sharing little Mimi updates over on Instagram.